Dedicated to social and economic recovery in Liberia

through the encouragement of kindness

World Kindness Liberia


Having read a lot about the World Kindness Movement, especially the mission statement, I decided to join World Kindness Liberia pledging my fullest support to the organization in order to buttress the efforts it is making by inspiring individuals towards greater kindness and to connect diverse societies to create a kinder Liberia and a kinder world.

World Kindness Liberia can have the fullest assurances of my meager financial aids and tireless work in its interest making sure that the objectives are well achieved.


After several years of civil conflict in our country, our country has been faced with lot of trauma which needs people to show concern. For this there have been lots of incidences which include violence against women and children. We also have war 
affected children and children who lost their parents and need help. It has been my dream to help such people in our society who are in dire need. Therefore I express my interest to be part of World Kindness in order to help my country in such situations.

My impact in becoming part of World Kindness is to help identify the prevailing situations in our country which need immediate attention and how to find solutions to such situations and help needy Liberians who need kindness to survive.

AUSTIN O. KOLLEH (Founding Member)

I want to be a member of World kindness Liberia because of my desire to promote love and kindness in Liberia and the rest of the world. Liberia is a country that just graduated from (15) fifteen years of bloody Civil war that left us with enmity, violence and the lack of feeling for one another as Liberians. Based upon this fact and taking into consideration the constraint my country is facing now, I am of the conviction that my membership with World Kindness Liberia will contribute greatly towards the promotion of Love and the reduction of violence against mankind in Liberia and the rest of the world. I also believe that by doing this the world will be a better place for us all to live.

REUBEN S. TOAH (Founding Member)

The reason for which I have desired to work with World Kindness Liberia is to join the struggle to inspire a kinder Liberia and to grow along with the organization in the pursuit of its goal as we connect individuals and communities through hard work and

I believe that my services to Liberia through World Kindness Liberia will make positive impact in several ways as I have pledged to use my skills and techniques to contribute to the organization by helping to plan new projects and embark on implementation to 
create a better image of the organization.

PETER M. TOKPAH (Founding Member)

My appreciation goes to the founder and supporters of such a great organization as World Kindness Liberia. This organization inspires me to know and exemplify true humanitarianism as kindness should be the fulcrum of every positive achievement 
in the life’s sojourn of every living being. To the World Kindness Liberia, I am willing to offer my widow’s mite for its success in Liberia.

URANUS N.K. NIXON (Board member)

Being aware of the problems of today’s world, especially of Liberia where internal conflict existed for more than 14 years coupled with economic difficulties, with peace process taking prominence, I have acknowledged the need to become a 
member of World Kindness Liberia so as to help address some of the socio-economic and educational problems in our post war country Liberia.

As a member of World Kindness Liberia, I will love to prefer kindness as a means to solve some of Liberia’s numerous problems after war and Ebola outbreak at the community and national levels by organizing and participating in World Kindness Liberia’s campaigns.

LINDA C. MOMO (Board Member)

My decision to join World Kindness Liberia was drawn from the conviction that I could add my gentleness to kindness to see what the outcomes would be.

I am optimistic that my membership with World Kindness Liberia would help to promote kindness in Liberia where war and the Ebola virus epidemic have created vacuums that kindness is needed to refill. I am sure that your involvement with World Kindness Liberia would be one of the best decisions you could ever make. Please consider doing so, we need your support.

PHILEMON DEE (Deputy Director)

World Kindness Liberia is a conduit of motivation for me. It challenges me that in order to motivate others to be kind, I must present an exemplary model of life that Liberians who believe in me and my kindness principles would visibly see and follow, thus leading to creating  kinder communities and a kinder nation.