Dedicated to social and economic recovery in Liberia

through the encouragement of kindness

World Kindness Liberia

Impoverished women and children crushing rocks by hand for construction work. The children do not have the means to attend school and so must do this kind of work in order to get food and shelter. This is a situation that World Kindness Liberia seeks to eliminate in a kinder Liberia.


World Kindness Liberia was granted legal status under the Association Laws of Liberia as a non-for-profit non-governmental organization on February 9, 2015, as an extension of the World Kindness Movement and to be recognized as the official peak national body in Liberia. Embedding Kindness in the communities, classrooms, the workplaces and within our Corridors of Government, this campaign inspires positive change allowing us to rediscover our will to give and overcome our fear.

​As an organization with kindness focus, WKL’s chief objectives are to:

a) Invest time and resources in the creation of awareness about random acts of kindness which will enable Liberians to exercise decisive influence in the just solution to the challenges of humanity.

b) Create a hopeful generation of peace, love and understanding through the adoption of random acts of kindness for the well-being of all Liberians.

c) Explore opportunities for national peace and post-war unity and development through various kindness stimulating programs and projects.

World Kindness Liberia was officially welcomed into the World Kindness Movement by Michael Lloyd-White, General Secretary, on 16 March 2015.

The World Kindness Movement is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and can be  found online at


Kindness from a pure heart compels charity which as a pillar of the works by World Kindness Liberia is used as a medium to give hope to so many orphans, neglected children, and the communities of the poor and hopeless in Liberia. Through our charity programs, the effects of 15 years of civil war and the Ebola Virus outbreak are being addressed through partnership with focus on families who have lost their sole breadwinners. The  goal   is to create a well orchestrated home for children now poised to live without parents due to the disease, and to provide other programs to address both general and specific calls on kindness.

Our kindness campaign tailored to the situation of Liberia also includes building awareness and the promotion of health programs, diverse kindness campaigns yet to be identified, civic awareness such as Human Rights and Gender programs, etc.
Adult Literacy is a major component of the education pillar. World Kindness Liberia is poised to support adults, especially single mothers, to read and write.
Addressing Drug Abuse under the awareness component of the education pillar is to educate the public on the danger of illicit drugs and the already rapidly growing devastating effects on the youth population that if not addressed effectively would render Liberia a high crime rate society.

Food security is central to peace and economic stability. Kindness campaigns cannot produce fruitful results in a post-war and disease devastated nation such as Liberia where the agricultural economy has been greatly ruined.
Agriculture is also a means of sustainability for World Kindness Liberia, where the plan is to cultivate at least five hundred (500) hectares of farm land to grow tree crops and promote animal husbandry. The proceeds from these farm activities will support the programs and projects of World Kindness Liberia.

This pillar of taking kindness to the communities works with community schools, youth organizations and community groups to identify problems and work to develop lasting solutions through kindness initiatives, through diverse training, supervision and dedication.

OUR programs

​WKL is committed to improving the lives of Liberians through encouraging kindness. To achieve this goal we  begin with the need for the materials and equipment to carry out the task. This is the basis of our SOS  call.


WKL has an ambitious agenda that calls  for the assistance of volunteers in many different ways. We seek to develop a kinder and better Liberia by developing the "Four Pillars" of World Kindness Liberia:





mission & vision

World Kindness Liberia lives to respond to diverse humanitarian situations where kindness is needed for desired outcome for the betterment of humanity in Liberia.


The Mission of the World Kindness Liberia is to inspire people to create a kinder Liberia


1. To create opportunities for Liberians to build a more compassionate Liberia
2. To be an influence of kindness in Liberia


World Kindness Liberia wishes to extend an SOS call to every individual, organization and business, and urges all to see the Ebola epidemic in Liberia not as a challenge, but as an opportunity to respond and share kindness to its fullest by helping to save precious lives and restore lost hope.  Ebola has taken away thousands of lives, hundreds of children have become orphans, many families have been forced into dire poverty, and the promotion of grudge and hatred among family members, neighbors, and community dwellers  has been rapid. Persons or families victimized by the Ebola virus are often ostracized and subjected to total neglect and loneliness. Clothes and other household materials of the families of Ebola victims are burned to prevent the spread of the virus, but are  not replaced. To help these suffering people, we will appreciate your compassionate response with any of the below requested items to empower us to reach out to at least 1000 families.

Requested Items:
1. Used Vehicle (for project use)
2. Used Clothes of all types and sizes
3. Used Beddings
4. Used Shoes
5. Funds
6. Toys
7. Foods, etc